Powershell Script to get codec info

You will need ffprobe installed on your computer as well as added to the environment variable.

# Get Codec Info (GCI) Script v1
# www.curiousish.com

Write-Host "Get Codec Info Pro+ by justCurious `n"

$size = (Get-Host).UI.RawUI.WindowSize
$size.Width = 80
$size.Height = 30
(Get-Host).UI.RawUI.WindowSize = $size

$video = Read-Host -Prompt 'Drag & Drop a media file'

$fileNameOnly = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension("$video")

Write-Host "Your media file '$video' is being analysed"

ffprobe.exe -i $video -show_format -hide_banner

Write-Host "Your media file '$video' has been analysed"