AWS Other Services Cheatsheet

CodeCommit: service where you can store your code. A similar service is GitHub

CodeBuild: build and testing service in your CICD pipelines

CodeDeploy: deploy the packaged code onto EC2 and AWS Lambda

CodePipeline: orchestrate the actions of your CICD pipelines (build stages, manual approvals, many deploys, etc)

CloudFormation: Infrastructure as Code for AWS. Declarative way to manage, create and update resources.

ECS (Elastic Container Service): Docker container management system on AWS. Helps with creating micro-services.

ECR (Elastic Container Registry): Docker images repository on AWS. Docker Images can be pushed and pulled from there

Step Functions: Orchestrate / Coordinate Lambda functions and ECS containers into a workflow

SWF (Simple Workflow Service): Old way of orchestrating a big workflow.

EMR (Elastic Map Reduce): Big Data / Hadoop / Spark clusters on AWS, deployed on EC2 for you

Glue: ETL (Extract Transform Load) service on AWS

OpsWorks: managed Chef & Puppet on AWS

ElasticTranscoder: managed media (video, music) converter service into various optimized formats

Organizations: hierarchy and centralized management of multiple AWS accounts

Workspaces: Virtual Desktop on Demand in the Cloud. Replaces traditional on-premise VDI infrastructure

AppSync: GraphQL as a service on AWS

SSO (Single Sign On): One login managed by AWS to log in to various business SAML 2.0-compatible applications (office 365 etc