How to factory reset AWS account ? (v2)

You can use Cloud Nuke: Installation and basics: How to factory reset AWS account? 2.  Nuke resources in perticular region example us-east-2  (please read the document here before you do anything) THE NEXT STEPS ARE DESTRUCTIVE AND COMPLETELY IRREVERSIBLE, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!   3. When the below command is executed, this tool will delete … Continue reading “How to factory reset AWS account ? (v2)”

The most common records supported in Route 53 (AWS)

A: hostname to IPv4 AAAA: hostname to IPv6 NAME: hostname to hostname Alias: hostname to AWS resource Other supported records are:CA (certification authority authorization) MX (mail exchange record) NAPTR (name authority pointer record) NS (name server record) PTR (pointer record) SOA (start of authority record) SPF (sender policy framework) SRV (service locator) TXT (text record)